Salami Making Courses – The ULTIMATE Christmas gift for FOODIES

We have launched CURED – The British School of Charcuterie, to offer the ultimate day for real foodies. A ‘hands on’ day covering all aspects of meat curing and salami making, curing a pig ‘nose to tail’ in a day.

We offer a series of day courses throughout the year starting at £200 per person, including lunch – Buy a voucher for that special Christmas gift.

Butchery for curing – breaking down the entire pig into primal cuts, Shoulder, Loin & Belly, and Leg, preparing whole muscles for curing.

Salami Making – general principals, cutting, casings, seasoning, mixing, stuffing, fermentation and maturing, making the following:

WHOLE MUSCLE – Prosciutto crudo (Parma style cured ham), Pancetta, Capocollo and Lonza Salame

SALAMI – Hampshire Black and Hampshire Fennel Salami’s, Milanese and ‘Nduja (hot spicy spreadable salami)

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