All that’s good in Hampshire with an Italian twist!

All ‘Hampshire Salami Co’ products are lovingly made with care and true artisanal passion – predominantly pork focused; we cure one pig at a time while observing the following ethos.

To use as much of the pig, from nose to tail, curing everything except the OINK!

To follow recipes for the best regional products from the 20 regions of Italy.

To use as much of Hampshire’s bountiful harvest of livestock and game at all times.

Products that we currently manufacture include:


Where quality cuts of meat are diced up and mixed with herbs and spices, inserted into synthetic or animal ‘sausage’ skins to be cured.  These include:

Hampshire Fennel Salami – pork flavoured with fennel seed, black pepper and salt, with delicate shavings of fat from the back of the pig.

Hunters Salami – named after Italian hunters who took this pocket sized salami on hunting trips as a ready and convenient snack. Cacciatore can be made of many meats including pork, beef, venison, pheasant, has a hint of chilli, a splash of red wine and a twist of black pepper.

Hampshire Black – a slightly firey medium sized salami of course chopped pork, chilli flakes, paprika and black pepper.

Milanese – a smooth ground pork salami, flavoured with pepper and garlic, it is a blend of lean meat from the leg and fattier tastier meat from the shoulder.

‘Nduja – a firey heat filled soft salami used for cooking and by weight contains 25% chilli flakes and smoked paprika. It can be eaten spread on hot toast but really comes into its own as a cooking ingredient, when the chilli and oil renders out giving dishes a warm smokey flavour.

Mixed Spice Salami – a soft and yielding Sopressa style salami from the Veneto region of Italy; simply made with pork, salt and pepper.

Whole Muscle / cut products:

We also produce a stunning range of quality cured whole muscle and selected cuts products from the animal which are cured in their entirety, including:


Capocollo – the cured ‘collar’ muscle from the neck/shoulder of the pig, which does a lot of work and is marbled with tasty seams of aromatic fat, flavoured with chilli flakes, fennel and coarse ground black pepper.


Lonza – the cured loin that runs along the back of the pig and consists of a lean, sweet eye of meat that’s infused with the delicate flavour of fennel and white pepper.


Pancetta – the cured flat or Arotolata (rolled) belly that is used in many Italian recipes, flavoured with rosemary, pepper and orange zest.


Bresaola – cured middle round of beef flavoured with robust aromats such as: pepper, bay, juniper, rosemary and red wine.