Meat Curing & Salumi Making Courses for Butchers

With more emphasis on creating added value products in the meat industry, the Hampshire Salami Co’ is launching an introductory Meat Curing & Salami Making course for the butchery trade covering the basic aspects of Italian pig butchery, as well as the technical skills required to cure the a pig from nose to tail.

The Hampshire Salami Co’ is an award winning artisan maker of cured meats using fresh local ingredients from as close to Hampshire Salami Co’ HQ at Wolverton Park as possible, working with local producers, farmers and small holders that are rearing exceptional livestock.

During this course students will learn to make an extensive range of tried and tested recipes, based on Italian techniques, which will include breaking down a whole pig for curing, butchering the pig into the main three primal, separating the various whole muscles for curing and utilising the whole carcass. Whole muscle curing will include curing cuts such as Capocollo (the collar), Prosciutto Crudo (air dried hams), Lonza (cured loin) and Pancetta (cured belly). Trim is utilised making fermented sausages or salami, which will include such products as: Hampshire Fennel, Hampshire Black, Corallina, Milanese and the latest must have product, ‘Nduja a hot spicy spreadable salami from Calabria.

The Hampshire Salami Co is an award winning salami maker and meat curer. At the British Charcuterie Awards 2018, Hampshire Salami won GOLD Medal – Best Salami Product for its ‘Hampshire Black’ salami. And two BRONZE Medals for its Mixed Spice ‘Sopressa style’ salami and ‘Capocollo’ air dried pork collar.

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