Another great bit of media coverage from North Hampshire Living magazine.

Thank you Miranda Robertson for an excellent article, who wrote:

Barry has teamed up with online organic farm shop Farmer’s Choice to develop a range of the finest cured meats and salami. “Butchers and meat producers can add value to the product they produce, making more from the animal, and making more profit,” said Barry. “Charcuterie can retail for between £50 and £70 a kilo and we use the whole animal nose to tail in the curing process. With Farmer’s Choice we take the pork from the farm, then cure it and give it back to them to sell.” Barry is keen to promote animal welfare, choosing only to use happy, free range pigs reared in lovely surroundings. That, aside from the expert curing, gives his charcuterie the edge – one of the factors which led to multiple gongs in the British Charcuterie Awards despite Barry being the newkid on the block. “I’ve never been afraid to change what I do. I’ve done lots of different things, but food has always been a passion.” Barry cures one pig at a time, focusing on qualityrather than quantity. “The technical aspect of curing meat is quite complicated. My workshops are quite intimate – I take two people at a timeand we cure a pig from nose to tail in a day, but expansion plans mean more students will be able to attend. It’s good fun. That side of the business has massive potential.”