Read all about it – ‘Hampshire man claims he can cure anything’

Being a great supporter of the vibrant foodie scene in the greater Hampshire area, The Hampshire Salami Co’ is proud to support this year’s Hampshire Food Festival by holding a number of Salumi & Salami making workshops at its premises at Wolverton Park near Kingsclere.

In July, two sessions of the course are currently planned; for the 9th and the 30th July. Both will run over the morning, from 9am to 1pm, with the students gaining an instant insight into the art of curing and salami making. Students will then enjoy a light lunch and be able to discuss the product they have just made.

Both the half day courses cover the basic aspects of salami making including: meat grinding, seasoning, mixing, casings, tying and netting, fermenting, maturation, finishing and packing.

Time: 9.30 am to 1.00pm – including light refreshments
Course cost: £75.00 per person

The course modules are as follows: The Ancient Art of Curing; What is ‘Curing’; The importance of the pig; Knife Skills and Safety; Salumi and Salami Making; Hands On – cutting and dicing for curing; Sausage and Salami making.