‘Hampshire Charcuterie Champion’ award to Hampshire Salami Co at Hampshire ‘Food Oscars’

The title ‘Hampshire Charcuterie Champion’ was awarded to Barry Walker from the Hampshire Salami Co in the Charcuterie section of the 2020 Great Hampshire Sausage & Pie Competition.

In this year’s competition the Hampshire Salami Co won GOLDs, SILVERs and a BRONZE, for its products, culminating in the all-important perfect 100 out of 100 marks for its Black Chilli Salami, a hot spicy chorizo style salami, which awarded the title ‘Hampshire Charcuterie Champion 2020’.

Established in February 2018, this is the second year that the Hampshire Salami Co entered the awards. “In 2019 we won GOLDs and SILVERs” explains Barry Walker “But winning the title ‘Hampshire Charcuterie Champion’ is what I secretly was hoping for, as I started the business to supply Hampshire consumers, with products made from the best Hampshire pork. By calling the business the Hampshire Salami Co, we wanted to do what it says on the tin. And to do that in two years, I am overwhelmed.”

Hampshire Salami makes products influenced by trips to Italy, from the best Hampshire pork and beef, making 12 unique recipes, in addition to smoking several of its products to add extra flavour. All the meat used in the curing and manufacturing process is free range, is pasture reared and fed, and comes from local Hampshire producers.

Hampshire Salami also runs courses for keen and committed carnivores who want to learn the art of butchery, meat curing and salami making, where students can butcher and cure a ‘pig in a day’. Having now established the ‘Hampshire Salami Co’, Barry wants to ‘Cure Hampshire one pig at a time’, working with producers of local livestock and helping farmers add value where ever possible.